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September 10-12, 2019 | MGM Grand, Las Vegas


Kick off your Esports Business Summit experience with our deep-dive workshops. Walk away with actionable ideas and strategies to give you a leg up on understanding the complexities of the esports ecosystem. Available with your All Access pass.

October 1, 2018 | 1:45 – 3:45 PM


For those new to the world of esports we offer this fast-paced master class on what esports is, why it’s growing and what’s next. A panel of experts armed with years of experience and dozens of real-world case studies on the mic will break down the esports landscape into 10 key strategic areas that will give you the overview you want and the insights you need to understand and engage the esports gamers, fans and business ecosystem. You’ll also get a chance to see gamers in action—and ask all your burning questions—in this immersive and interactive session.
The curriculum will include actionable takeaways on:

  • The Big Picture: What’s driving esports’ popularity—stats, facts and opportunities
  • The Leagues: What happens at an esports tournament and who plays the games
  • The Publishers: Who creates the games and how do they engage with fans and players
  • The Brands: How endemic and non-endemic brands are engaging with fans
  • The Business: Who’s spending money where, and where the biggest opportunities lay?
  • The Fans: Insights on who, exactly, is playing, watching and engaging in esports
  • The Trends: What’s hot, what’s not—and where’s it all going in the coming years
  • The Tech: From streaming to content to wiring an event, we unpack the technology
  • The Lingo: The terms you need to know to do business (and sound smart) in this space
  • The Learnings: Who’s doing esports best—and what can you learn from them


  • Matt Lederer, Executive Director, Partnership Marketing, Comcast Xfinity
  • Joe English, Chief Creative Officer & Futurist, Event Futurist
  • Yoni Ginsberg, Director of Business Development, Catalyst Sports and Media

NOTE: This workshop will take place at the Esports Arena Las Vegas at the Luxor Hotel, where you will be able to learn about the dynamics of this industry in a state-of-the-art gaming and broadcast center.


It’s the fastest growing global sports phenomenon in history that marketers know the least about. And it’s estimated to be a $2 billion industry by 2020. Get ready for the next big thing in sports activations.
We’ll get you up to speed on the unique nuances of the esports universe: what it is, who participates, which brands are involved and what you need to know to engage this massive (and growing) audience of esports fanatics—both online and in the real world. Go behind the scenes of the biggest tournaments. See the content strategies driving the hugely popular esports TV networks. Listen in to case studies on the brands that are activating, and learn how they’re engaging in an entirely new way to get the attention of an audience that’s literally inventing a new way to play and watch sports. Esports is growing faster than NASCAR and might just be the next NFL. Get the strategies and insights you need to play in this exciting space.


  • Chris Blivin, Director, Commercial Partnerships & Esports, Lagardere Sports
  • Ben Paro, Account Director, Simmons Research
  • Allan Phang, Allstars Engagement and Internal Branding, People & Culture, AirAsia


As more and more universities open the doors to esports teams and scholarships for players, the industry now faces new challenges since Robert Morris University became the first school to launch a varsity esports program in 2014. Collegiate esports conferences continue to take root across the country– from representative of the Pac-12 to Big Ten to the Ivy League – even while national organizations ranging from NACE to Tespa to Collegiate StarLeague and everything in-between, continue to grow their numbers and audiences with hundreds of institutions now taking part. Members of these organizations will congregate for a free-range discussion of collegiate esports ranging from potential Title IX issues to the possible participation of the NCAA, along with educational sessions from launching a team to working with sponsors. Don’t miss this national gathering as we break down everything you need to know about claiming your stake in what Forbes calls “the new college football.”


  • A.J. Dimick, Esports Director of Operations, University of Utah
  • Michael Brooks, Executive Director, National Association of Collegiate Esports (NACE)
  • Erin Harvego, VP of Marketing, Big Ten Network
  • Kurt Melcher, Executive Director, Esports, Intersport
  • Vince Nicastro, Deputy Commissioner and Chief Operating Officer, Big East Conference
  • John Pierce, Partner, Player 2 Studios
  • Adam Rosen,  Senior Business Operations Manager, Blizzard Entertainment
  • Tyler Rosen, Senior Business Operations Manager, Blizzard Entertainment
  • Michael Sherman, Collegiate Esports Director, Riot Games


Let’s face it, you know you should be hosting an esports event but have no idea where to start. This workshop will break down the ABCs of setting up shop for your own esports activation, covering the technical, legal and social elements that go into playing host to the esports community, whether you are a venue, a sponsor or simply a company looking to engage with esports fans. Taking a deep dive into the elements of an event, experts in the field will reveal:

  • What type of event is right for your goals
  • The equipment you need to play
  • How to market your event to the gaming community
  • Connecting with local sponsors for smart activation
  • What you need to know about using a publisher’s IP
  • Bringing in the influencers
  • Keeping audiences entertained


  • Ryan Fitzpatrick, SVP, Lifestyle Marketing & Branded Entertainment, NCompass International
  • TJ Walker, Head of Production, Boombox Group


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